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In french-switzerland we almost have the same sign...

I'm right handed  and my sign is placed on the heart (so my arm cross the
torso)  .
I noticed in the small film...that the signer is left handed.... but his
sign is still placed on the heart....
If I had to write down what I see I would have written the contact symbol on
the other side of the body (left side)

beside that... I find the first notation more detailed and clear for someone
who would n't know the sign... the sign fisrt brush the heard... turns and
get back with a "*" symbol... I think we need both  to do the sign precisely

I not sure about the symbols for the wrist movement and never know when to
use them....! so I'm personnaly less confortable with the other signs

don't know if it can help


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Hello List,

I was wondering about this Sign: Spain.

The first version you see is the one I got from the Flemish online
dictionary. With the movie that shows the sign so everyone can see how the
sign is. The second sign is the one I got from Thierry (the French-Belgian
SignPuddle)- the third sign is the one I made before I took a look at
Thierry's sign. You see we have the same idea but a different writing. I
wanted to ask you which you think is the most accurate?

        (Flemish online Dictionary)

(French-Belgian: Thierry)

(Flemish SignPuddle: Kathleen)

Thank you :-)
Greetings Kathleen

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