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January 25, 2006

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
> I have another question on the hand position at the end... the sign  
> for
> "abricot" used here is made so that right hand is pointing 9o'clock  
> & left
> hand is pointing 3 o'clock....(at the end of the movement... do you  
> get what
> I mean ? I'll try to find a picture of that and send it to you  
> (need to ask my deaf
> frien permission first)

Hello Anny and Juliette!
Yes...I remember seeing the illustration you sent me, which showed  
the ending position quite are correct that was a  
different position. The illustration was not clear at all, regarding  
the movement, or the beginning position, so I am literally guessing,  
but here is another sign...

This sign is written starting with the hands projecting toward the  
front wall, with the baby finger side of the hands parallel to the  
floor...Then the movement rotates forward so that the palms are now  
to the ceiling, back of hands parallel to the floor...

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