where is this handshape? and Master ASL!

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Thu Jan 26 22:04:17 UTC 2006

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January 26, 2005

Adam Frost in California wrote:
> So to write it more detailed, you will need to wait till Ms. Val  
> can add it to the IMWA. (And she will. She may get behind, but she  
> gets it done.) All you need to do is let her know, which you have  
> done, and she will take care of the rest. :-) Adam


I wish I could send myself through my computer screen, into  
cyberspace, and come through your computer screen, Adam, and give you  
a big hug!!

That is so nice of you!

And thank you, Adam, for your suggestions on the eyebrows for the ASL  
sentences before...that is another change I still have to make!

I got permission from the author of Master ASL!, Jason Zinza, to  
write some more sentences from his book...Isn't that great? I am  
impressed with his Master ASL! book...Have you seen his work? I think  
writing some of the sentences will be helpful, and many thanks to  
Stefan for writing some of them already...so fast and so well  
written! Smile...Val ;-)

Master ASL!

Writing ASL Sentences from Master ASL!

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