ASL Grammar - Is this correct?

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Sun Jan 29 16:35:29 UTC 2006

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January 29, 2006

Hello Everyone and Stefan!

Great to see a message from Stefan on the SignWriting List - I know  
you are very busy, but we missed you!

> I looked at the "maslunitk1" page 9 and would transcribe your  
> question like
> attached  - with furrowed eyebrows.

Ha! I know. But I was so hoping that other ASL signers...people who  
use ASL as their daily language...would start participating in  
reading the writing of ASL and respond and get involved...I was  
hoping they would correct me! smile...

Both you and I, Stefan, are foreigners to ASL. I love ASL, and I  
write it from videos and excellent books like the new Master ASL!  
series, but that does not make a writing system spread, if I am the  
only one writing the ASL grammar from books! Ha!

So I wanted to stimulate some of the ASL signers to read it and get  
used to seeing ASL sentences written...I was hoping for their  

I want to thank you, and also Adam Frost, for giving me that feedback  
- and so many of you have helped in the past...

Many thanks for that, and I will look on page 9 as you suggest and  
finalize this sentence!

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