Left-Handed and Right-Handed in SW

Juliette Dalle july.tigre at FREE.FR
Sun Jan 29 21:41:29 UTC 2006

Hello Stefan, Neil, Valerie, Kathleen, Marty, and....

Thanks a lot for your comments, observations and thinkings. Only I 
didn't developp the real problem. I will say you more after my meeting 
with team of teachers with who I work since october and the group of 
linguistics for who I work. We will discuss about it tomorrow.

Only i can say you that we use the SW as a tool for the Sign Language. 
Not as a written language. Because we don't know if theis system will 
answer as a full form writing for a sign language. Indeed the 
linguistics want to find if in the SW there are many informations about 
the iconity. In our LSF, the iconity, grammar, the view and space-time 
are very important. So the SW could do it all in a text ?

To the maternal school, we notice that the children (5 years) have a 
little problem to know the left and right hand on a sign in SW. Indeed 
we don't give a real lesson of SW (system) to children. We give juste 
some signs in SW to children to see if they could unterstand and we 
guide them to find the answer. It is this situation, we notice the 
problem. So we have to create the same signs in SW with color (Blue for 
right hand and Red for left hand). It helps many the children to 
"catch" the sign without wrong. And in this class (3 children of 5 
years), one is left-handed and 2 right-handed. The left-handed child 
feels now to not be isoled because of difference.

To the elemary school (6-10 years, supports : signes isoled and texts 
in SW), with 2 classes, we have notice the same problem but little with 
the classe of 6-7 years old, we use the color left-right, the children 
unterstand better. In these classes (9 children), 4 are left-handed. It 
is the first time this year that we have many left-handed children.

Other problem (why it is a problem with the reft-right handed ?), we 
think that it is provinced from different methode of perception : 
lecture of a SW text and "lecture" of signing of the teacher (miror / 
crossing) :

- in the SW text, we see as a miror, as if we sign ourselves.
- when we look the teacher to sign, we must think in "crossing" as if 
we try to become in the place of the teacher.

It is a different perception. These 2 perceptions make a bit to confuse 
the children who make to confuse the teachers who aren't so strong in 
SW. I am always with them during the SW-LSF lessons.

It do us to create a method to read a SW text in the miror method. It 
is the reason that we use the color Red-Blue. You can see the exemple 
of this SW text (car story). In the general, the children unterstand 
well the story without the color, but when the teacher asks a thing 
very precisated, the problem appears.

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The children put the color on their hand : red/left, blue/right. Same 
thing with the teacher. the children could unterstand the difference. 
to the start it is hard, to the next lesson, a child signs wrong and is 
corrected by other children who notice the wrong without that the 
teacher says.

I would like that in the list SW, the teachers who give the Sign 
Language Lesson with the SW, give their opinion, it is more important 
for us. And others teachers who don't teach the SL or aren't teachers 
are welcome too.



Le vendredi, 20 jan 2006, à 09:32 Europe/Paris, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal 
a écrit :

> Hello,
> Maybe some of you already know but my colleagues and me made the 
> Goldilocks story 1 and 2 both in Right handed signs as in Left handed 
> signs. Because whe have children at school who sign Left and the 
> majority signs Right.
> I also see the same as Marty, children using their left hand because 
> they use the right hand to write. Strange thing is that the Left hand 
> signers don't write with the Left hand, which would be expected.
> I think children are able to read standard sentences in Right handed 
> signing even when they have a dominant Left hand. It's when you get to 
> the Polysynthetic Signs, it becomes complicated.
>  I think we should observe if Right and Left dominant hand has an 
> influence on the use of Polysynthetic Sign.
> Greetings Kathleen
> From:  "Marty Carlson" <marty_carlson at YAHOO.COM>
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> To:  sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.edu
> Subject:  Re: [sw-l] Left-Handed and Right-Handed in SW
> Date:  Thu, 19 Jan 2006 22:01:13 -0800 (PST)
> >I am new to this list, but I wanted to add a comment
> >to this L/R discussion. My observation of children I
> >have worked with who are begining to learn to write
> >signs is that more than half of the right-handers are
> >choosing to write left-handed signs. Why? Because they
> >are holding the pencil in their right hand, and
> >looking at their left to figure out how to write it.
> >Maybe this will change as they become more fluent
> >writers, or if they use the computer to write, but I'm
> >finding it very common to do this with handwriting,
> >much more than I would have expected.
> >-Marty
> > >
> > > But what about writing signs?...Do your left-handed
> > > students choose
> > > to write left-handed signs, writing exactly what
> > > they sign, or do
> > > they write right-handed signs with no problem
> > > switching from the way
> > > they sign to writing the opposite hand?
> > >
> > >
> > > >
> > >
> > >
> >
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