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January 31, 2006

Cherie Wren at Georgia School for the Deaf wrote:
> Where does the roleshift symbol go in relation to the signs that  
> are shifted?  Does that move into another lane in the column?  Is  
> it like a topic marker that is at the beginning of the topic, then  
> not included with each sign in the topic?  I am working on  
> something that includes constructed dialogue...  "He said, she  
> said" stuff.

I will teach roleshifting officially, once Steve Slevinski finishes  
and announces the new SignText, which has more features in writing  
SignWriting sentences...It is so much easier to use the new SignText,  
than the current old one, that I prefer to wait for the good tool to  
use to teach with...

(Steve - NO rush...take your time and feel at peace..I admire your  
skill and inventive programming! and I know how hard the programming  
is...thank you for all you are doing for us...we can be patient!)

Meanwhile we have written role shifting by hand for decades...

Please read this document on the web, regarding Spatial Relationships:


and the following page after that...

It is written in ASL and English, and in the ASL you can see the way  
the hands are placed over to the right or left of center depending on  
the situation...

Role Shifting has many issues...We have Lanes...

Please read about Lanes on this page:


Read many pages starting above...it discusses lanes

Then there is the issue of writing dialogues between two people, and  
we can do that too...Once we have the new SignText I will take that  
on as some new lessons...

> I saw something in the text book about a unit connecting line...    
> is that only used in research? How does the everyday writing show  
> how long the shift lasts or how long a given facial expression lasts?

I personally do not write with the Unit Connecting LIne, but others  
definitely do...It works well for researchers who are studying how  
one Facial Expression influences a whole row of signs...

However I personally think for writing for Everyday Use, that there  
are other ways to handle that information...and although I believe I  
have a new solution I have not tested it yet...

But Stuart uses the Unit Connecting LIne (is that right, Stuart?),  
and so do the Parkhursts and also Dr. Penny Boyes Braem in  
Switzerland published documents with it...so you are free to choose  
it if you feel it is necessary!

> Could I see something some of you have already done with a  
> roleshift in it?

Once SignText is ready, and once I have taught how to use SignPuddle  
with SignBank, absolutely!
> BTW, I can open sign bank with the password, It's everything that  
> comes next I can't figure out...  ::grin::

I need feedback from people if you are learning and can do it,  
because otherwise I am teaching into cyberspace I do not know if  
anyone is listening...so when I post a lesson, tell me that you  
understand and ask what is next?...

That way I know you are with me!

And I know you are, Cherie...Thanks for all your support...

Val ;-)
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