problem opening SignBank editor

Anne-Claude Pr=?ISO-8859-1?B?6Q==?=laz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Tue Jan 31 21:50:09 UTC 2006

I'll see what I can do about this... I should go to Mac Os X anyway... so
SignBank should be a good reason to do is sooner!!

I'll let you know as soon as it's on!



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> SignWriting List
> January 31, 2006
> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>> I downloadee the .sit version without any problem... in the folder
>> I get the
>> Open Me MAc but when I double click on it it says I need MacOsX
>> 10.1 or a
>> later version  certified by File Maker!
>> I only have a Mac Os 9,2.... does this mean I won't be able to open
>> this
>> file?!?!?
> How sad. I didn't realize that. You see, if you owned the actual
> FileMaker program, which costs money of course, then I believe you
> could use it on Mac OS 9. But what I am using is something called
> SignBank Runtime. The word Runtime means that FileMaker is letting us
> use it, without owning the FileMaker program. So they gave it to us
> for free...So I assumed that since it works with FileMaker in OS 9,
> that the Runtime would be the same, but I was wrong!
> So I will place this information on our web sites in the download
> area, that SignBank Runtime requires Mac OS X, 10.1 or later...
> Yes, this means you cannot use SignBank Runtime unless you upgraded
> to Mac OS X...
> It has been a long time since Mac OS X has existed...Have you
> considered upgrading to the newer operating systems? I know this is
> an enormous hassle, but my hands are tied, unless
> Of course I am as disappointed as you are! I will talk to our
> programmer about it...
> Val ;-)

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