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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Jan 31 23:50:08 UTC 2006

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January 31, 2006

BRAVO! fast Steve...How do you do it?

I want everyone to know that this new SignText is a really fun  
program and little different than before. I would like to teach  
people how to use it.

Here is my suggestion...

Let me start teaching SignText, and by the time I am done, maybe Anny  
will have Mac OS X in her computer! And we can drag and drop signs  
from SignText into SignBank...

This will be fun!

SignText is a way to write sentences, email and documents without  
using any English gloss or any words from any spoken languages at  
all...It works with SignMaker, but instead of saving signs in a  
dictionary, you are saving whole sentences into a bookmark directory  
on your browser...

I will start tomorrow morning, Wednesday, to teach the new SignText...

Many thanks Steve, from the bottom of my heart - This is a blessing...

Val ;-)


On Jan 31, 2006, at 2:58 PM, Steve Slevinski wrote:

> Hi List,
> A while back I was talking with Val.  She mentioned there was a  
> school that liked to use SignText but was frustrated by its  
> limitations.  Like Val, I enjoy working on stuff that gets used.   
> So I made some major improvements to SignText including basic  
> editing, saving, loading, email, and display.
> Val says she will update the instructions, but for the daring...
> Basic Editing with the mini-cons
> Each sign in the sign sentence has 9 special icons that help with  
> editing
> <moz-screenshot.jpg>
> <moz-screenshot-1.jpg>
> - Load this sign into the SignBox
> <moz-screenshot-2.jpg>
> - Delete this sign from sentence
> <moz-screenshot-4.jpg>
> - Replace this sign in the sentence with the sign in SignBox
> <moz-screenshot-5.jpg>
> - Insert the sign in the SignBox above this sign
> <moz-screenshot-6.jpg>
> - Insert the sign in the SignBox below this sign
> <moz-screenshot-3.jpg>
> - Change the lane of this sign
> <moz-screenshot-8.jpg>
> - Move this sign up or down in the sentence
> Improved Options
> When you have completed the document, you now have several options.
> Display - Opens a new page where only the document is visible.
> Email - Opens a page on where you can send an email in  
> SignWriting
> Bookmark - Opens a page you can bookmark where you can reload the  
> document into SignText.  This allows you to save your work and edit  
> it later.
> Import - Opens a page on where you can choose a  
> language so you can import into a SignPuddle dictionary
> SWML - View the document in SignWriting markup language.
> You can use SignText online or you can download SignText to use  
> offline.  The offline version is the exact same, except Email and  
> Import will not work until you connect to the internet.
> SignText Online:
> SignText download:
> Enjoy,
> -Steve

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