AW: [sw-l] How to create Sign Literature

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Jul 5 17:14:19 UTC 2006

Hi Valerie, 

last week I finished another 28kb .sgn file document with the good old SW44
This means 32 pages or 224 lines or .... how many signs -- smile- 

On the other side - just for expanding my skills I try to write emails with
SignPuddle  - but of course with the support of the SignPuddle dictionary -
and it still takes a long time to find the exact spelling of the gloss-entry
-especially if there is help_1, help_2 help_3 ... ;-) 

Stefan ;-) 

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SignWriting List
July 5, 2006

Dear SW List -
People use software differently...How do YOU create your documents?  
Tell us...

For me, it is fastest to write the signs directly in SignText.

I do not translate from English. I do not use English glosses. I do  
not transfer signs from the SignPuddle dictionary into the document.

I re-write each sign directly in SignText, trying to think in visual  
signs, while I create the sentences.

That is faster than taking the time to find signs in the dictionary!

If I need to look at a sign in the dictionary, to check a  
SignSpelling, while I am creating the sentences in SignText, I open a  
second web browser, and have two web browsers open, at the same viewing the dictionary, and the other for creating the  
sentence in SignText (see diagram)...

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