AW: [sw-l] How to create Sign Literature

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Thu Jul 6 05:02:16 UTC 2006

Valerie, I know we discussed this issue of SignText vs. SW DOS. I do 
have some questions regarding the use of SignText ... I understand how 
to add the signs into the various lanes, but what I am not clear on 
exactly are as follows:

1) Saving a SignText document to bring it up later.

2) Bringing up a saved SignText document.

3) Editing already entered signs in a SignText document during the time 
that I am creating the document (i.e., before I save it).

4) Editing the signs in a SignText document after it has been saved and 
brought back up again.

I know you have a lot on your plate. So answer this when it is next in 
the queue. :) Thanks again for your kind words about our workshop.



On Jul 5, 2006, at 10:44, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> July 5, 2006
> On Jul 5, 2006, at 10:14 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
>> last week I finished another 28kb .sgn file document with the good 
>> old SW44
>> program. This means 32 pages or 224 lines or .... how many signs -- 
>> smile-
>> On the other side - just for expanding my skills I try to write 
>> emails with
>> SignPuddle  - but of course with the support of the SignPuddle 
>> dictionary -
>> and it still takes a long time to find the exact spelling of the 
>> gloss-entry
>> -especially if there is help_1, help_2 help_3 ... ;-)
> Hello Stefan!!
> Your SignWriter DOS skills, and your documents created with SignWriter 
> DOS, are impressive! I love SignWriter DOS too, but I do not use it 
> for two reasons:
> 1. SignWriter DOS runs slowly on my Mac, because I have to use Windows 
> 98 inside Virtual PC (a Windows emulator) and that is too slow
> 2. SignWriter DOS cannot type directly down in vertical columns with 
> Lanes
> 3. The symbols look better in SignText, than they do in SignWriter DOS.
> So for these reasons, I create sentences directly in SignText, in 
> vertical columns with Lanes, without searching the dictionary by 
> glosses...I create my email with SignText, not SignPuddle...
> My real point of this thread, is to suggest that people can write 
> directly, without transferring signs from any dictionary...
> Have you ever tried creating sentences directly in SignText without 
> pasting from the dictionary? It is faster than searching for sign_1, 
> sign_2, sign_3...that is not intuitive enough from me...
> It is a skill that I know you can learn because you are so smart!! ;-)
> I think that a lot of people assume you have to use a dictionary, but 
> I never did with SignWriter DOS either...I always typed directly in 
> SignWriter DOS without accessing the dictionary...I just used the 
> dictionary to check a spelling, but not to paste it into the 
> document...that is the way I type English too...but that is my style 
> and not other people's style...
> I don't believe that most people have really tried typing signs 
> directly...they assume you have to be dependent on the dictionary, and 
> that is not true...If you try it, after awhile it becomes easy and 
> your skills improve and you become faster...
> Thanks for all your wonderful help on the List, Stefan!
> I gave your beautiful book to Stuart Thiessen as my gift to him. 
> Stuart and Philippe's NAD workshop was superb...and they had your book 
> there too, to show people after the lecture was over. I will order 
> another copy of your book for my own office now!
> And I met people who had seen your presentation in Maastricht last 
> summer, and they were already open and receptive to SignWriting 
> because of your videos showing the Deaf children succeeding with 
> SignWriting in your classroom - I will tell you the details in the 
> next few days...It was so exciting for me to realize how your 
> presentation has benefitted SignWriting...It has laid the groundwork 
> for the future...THANK YOU!
> Val ;-)

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