SignText: Editing Jack and Jill

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jul 6 21:16:41 UTC 2006

hmmm... I know I sent a message with the answer to
that earlier today from work...  another message lost!
 I think this list software down't like me! ;-(

I said that I have pretty much a neutral face-- no
topic or anything... which is to say nothing
grammatical.  If I was signing it to the preschool
class I would almost certainly be smiling... so that
is fine.  I find that I am focusing on a particular
aspect of writing, I think, so that I leave other
things out.  I am focused so hard on trying to get the
hand-stuff written correctly, that I only throw in a
face when it is required for grammar or is otherwise
big enough for me to -really- notice when I am
"feeling/seeing out" (as opposed to sounding out)my
words.  ::grin::  have to work on that...  Someday
I'll actually get good at this... I promise!  


--- Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:

> SignWriting List
> July 6, 2006
> Sign 1 and 2: Jack and Jill
> A Deaf DAC member, Darline Clark Gunsauls, started
> writing children's  
> stories directly in ASL years ago. Darline felt that
> we needed to  
> start children's stories with a smiling facial
> expression, to give a  
> positive feeling to the writing. When Darline signed
> to children, she  
> tended to smile more...I suspect we all do that with
> children without  
> realizing it. That is why I added smiling faces to
> the first two  
> signs, which establish who Jack and Jill are...want
> them to have a  
> positive feeling ;-)
> If you do not agree with this, Cherie, of course we
> won't do  
> is your choice...
> What is your facial expression on the first two
> signs?
> Once I get your answer I will continue explaining
> the writing of the  
> next signs ;-)
> Look forward to hearing from you! And thank you,
> Cherie, for this  
> great opportunity...
> Val ;-)

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