SignText: Editing Jack and Jill

Cherie Wren cwterp at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jul 6 22:13:44 UTC 2006

So please
> don't take any of  
> this editing stuff as a criticism...quite the
> opposite...The editing  
> is happening because we want to publish it!

OH, I =want= feedback and editing!  Its just grates
when I send something in that I think I got everything
in there just to have that huge "D'OH" when a lot of
the feedback I get is on things that I really know, I
just get excited and forget to show that I know...  I
do that in other things too... thats why I quit
sewing, because I would get so excited about the end
product that I would leave out some of the (very
important) intermediate steps...  I won't quit this,
though... Just need to learn patience, and take deep
breaths, and do the "write, then walk away for a day,
then self-edit" thing...  Ooohmmmm. ::lotus position::
  I can do this!

signing as if to the kids--  my face is smiling,
excited, eyebrows up...  

I'll have to see if I can resend the other message
tomorrow when I get to work--- it had some stuff about
the 3rd sign (went up the hill) arrows that I can't
duplicate from here.  That computer is SO much better
than this one.


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