Introducing, Francisco.

Centro de Estudos Inclusivos cei at CE.UFPE.BR
Thu Jul 6 22:34:06 UTC 2006

Hello Val and everyone else:
This is Francisco Lima, and this my first time writing to the list.
Thanks, Val, for inviting me.
I am writing from Brazil and english is not my native language. I speak 
I am a professor of inclusive education at the Universidade Federal de 
Pernambuco  and coordinator of the Center of Inclusive Studies (CEI/UFPE).
I am pretty much interested in SignWriting and its raised-line configuration
I hope to learn alot from you, exchange ideas and get literature on SW.
Francisco Lima

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> July 6, 2006
> Hello Cherie!
> Thank you for this message!
> Cherie Wren wrote:
>> hmmm... I know I sent a message with the answer to
>> that earlier today from work...  another message lost!
>>  I think this list software down't like me! ;-(
> Ha! Everyone is having the same problem, Cherie, and you are not the  only 
> one who has messages being lost. I am sorry we didn't get your 
> message...but thank you for trying again! I am going to call Valencia 
> College to ask them what to do about the List software...I am sorry  for 
> the inconveniences it is causing you...
> Meanwhile your story just makes me soooo happy! We need literature so 
> badly...
>> I said that I have pretty much a neutral face-- no
>> topic or anything... which is to say nothing
>> grammatical.  If I was signing it to the preschool
>> class I would almost certainly be smiling... so that
>> is fine.
> OK. Then I will take away the eyebrows but leave the smiling face? I  will 
> send a new diagram next message... It helps the reader to see a  face in 
> the establish that there is a storyteller who  is creating 
> an atmosphere and a smile creates a pleasant, child- focused atmosphere 
> almost immediately...Linguistically that may not  be important, but when 
> it comes to publishing the story in a  children's book or web page, it 
> isn't only grammatically correct, but  also portraying a feeling...a 
> little like a pleasant voice versus a  booming frightening 
> voice......putting nothing there becomes totally  neutral and void of 
> feeling at is monotone...
>> I find that I am focusing on a particular
>> aspect of writing, I think, so that I leave other
>> things out.  I am focused so hard on trying to get the
>> hand-stuff written correctly, that I only throw in a
>> face when it is required for grammar or is otherwise
>> big enough for me to -really- notice when I am
>> "feeling/seeing out" (as opposed to sounding out)my
>> words.  ::grin::  have to work on that...  Someday
>> I'll actually get good at this... I promise!
> You are already outstanding, Cherie! I am totally impressed and we  need 
> everyone's literature very badly. So please don't take any of  this 
> editing stuff as a criticism...quite the opposite...The editing  is 
> happening because we want to publish it!
> I never forgot when I wrote my first book. I was 22 and in those  years, 
> life was totally different. No computers...just gally sheets  of 
> typesetting that we had to read word by word in long 
> strips...exhausting...and I had four editors and they criticised it 
> heavily...but in the was still my book and but it was a  better 
> book because people gave me feedback...I guess I got a tough  skin through 
> that experience and I assume people will edit my work is an 
> important part of the process of becoming published...
> Val ;-)

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