USA SW Symposium in DC - when?

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Jul 9 15:59:43 UTC 2006

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July 9, 2006

Charles Butler wrote:
> I have not set a date for the SW symposium as you have been only  
> the 2nd person to express any interest at all.  If I get interest  
> from at least 10 people on this list, then I will start looking for  
> a place to hold the symposium.  It will be exciting to do, but  
> trying to start from a standing start without knowing whether there  
> is interest makes it hard.

Are you really trying to setup a Symposium, Charles? Symposiums are  
formal meetings that usually take years of planning with a committee  
behind it...doing it alone is pretty exhausting!

What about a SignWriting meeting or workshop instead?.

I am sorry I do not travel, or I would love to attend!

There are only a handful of Americans on this List. Most are from  
other countries. So maybe you should try contacting others in  
Washington D.C. area who are not on the List...You could post  
messaages on the Sign Language Linguist List and the Teach ASL List  
for example...and place flyers at Gallaudet will get  
more people that way...

Val ;-)
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