SignText Techniques for Editing

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Jul 9 18:47:48 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
July 9, 2006

In SignText we save SignWriting sentences as bookmarks.

Transfer Sentences to Another Web Browser
1. Open the browser where the bookmarks are saved.
2. Export Bookmarks.
3. Open the new browser.
4. Import the bookmarks.

Sharing Your Sentences With Others
1. Create a sentence in SignText.
2. Press the Options Key.
3. Save the sentence as a bookmark.
4. Press the SignMail key.
5. Send the sentence through email.

Saving Someone Else's SignText Documents on Your Computer
1. You receive an email with the SignText sentence.
2. Click on the Load This Sentence Into SignText link, at the bottom  
of the email.
3. SignText opens, and you see the sentence there.
4. Press the Options Key.
5. Save the sentence as a bookmark in your browser.

This process can be used for editing documents too. Editors can send  
small portions of a sentence, to each other, to discuss how to spell  
signs and how to construct sentences...and all this can be done with  
little or no spoken language...and using no glosses from spoken  

Val ;-)

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