USA SW Symposium in DC - when?

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Jul 9 19:14:39 UTC 2006

> Val,
> perhaps u can set up a workshop at CSD Riverside?
> Shane

Deaf Americans who use SignWriting should teach at the Deaf  
Residential Schools in the US...there are 2 in every that  
is 100 schools!

If a group of Deaf teachers can come with me, to teach the workshop  
that would be ok...but it is imperative that Deaf people do the  
teaching. Most of my own countrymen do not realize SignWriting  
exists, and it is such a new subject for them that they really need  
to learn from Deaf people...They do not know me like you do ;-)

And traveling is not so easy for me it is better that others  
teach, and I provide the backup with materials and other support. I  
do think having a teacher's training course in my home here in La  
Jolla will be very valuable...Then those teachers who learn with me  
can start going to the different if there are teachers  
who want to learn directly with me, write to me privately. I do not  
have the funds to pay anyone to do this however, but I provide  
lodging at least.

This July I am working with Cherie Wren to encourage the Georgia  
School for the Deaf to start using some SignWriting this school year.  
This means I need to raise the funds to pay Deaf teachers to travel  
to Georgia to train the teachers at the school...and Cherie is  
providing excellent backup and feedback for the project...and that is  
partly why these Nursery Rhymes in ASL are important, so that Cherie  
can assist the teachers at the school...

We have a team of two American Deaf teachers who can teach workshops  
around the world now, plus I know of other Deaf teachers who might be  
interested too...

The CSD Riverside school was across from our booth at the NAD  
conference...they had a booth too...and I spoke with two hearing  
interpreters about using SignWriting at their school, but they were  
not the director of the that has to wait until we are  
ready...we are not quite ready, Shane...we need more literature to  
read and true funding...but it will happen...

Thanks for the suggestion. And what is happening in Northern Ireland  
now, with SignWriting? Do you need backup or materials? If so, ask  
the teachers to fill out these forms for the SignWriting Literacy  

Belgium did that...Kathleen in Flanders and Thierry's groups in  
French-Belgium...both groups filled out the forms and sent me the  
letter from the school..I am printing the books for French-Belgium  
now and will donate them to them....;-)

Val ;-)

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