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July 13, 2006

The List software is not working well right now, so I do not know if  
you all saw this report or here it is again! Thank you,  
Kelly Jo....


NAD Conference Report from Kelly Jo Boal

First, let me introduce myself.  My name
is Kelly Jo Boal, and I am from Lacombe,
Alberta, Canada.  For the past school
year I have been working as an ASL
interpreter for a Grade 4 child and this
has brought me to see how great the need
for SignWriting is.  I had heard
something about it last August but only
began researching it at the beginning of
June.  The more I looked into it, the
more I realized that I want to be
involved with SignWriting,and I started
to learn and practice with what I could
find on the Web.

At the end of June, I saw on the
SignWriting website that there would be
a SignWriting workshop at the NAD
conference, so I booked a flight as soon
as I could!  Although I was working
right until June 29th, I flew down on
the morning of the 1st and met Valerie
and a number of others working with
SignWriting.  Until then, I had not been
in touch with anyone, so I really
enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people
who are part of Signwriting projects!
(And thanks, Valerie, for letting me
help out at the SignWriting booth!)

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