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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Wed Jul 26 02:53:36 UTC 2006

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July 25,2006

Charles Butler wrote:
> I tried, I had 57 signs in, and worked very hard.  Saved it into 
> Favorites, and then it disappeared.   That was two hours work.  What 
> happened?

Hello Charles and Everyone -
Thank you, Charles, for trying the 
translation...that is so kind of you...

That is a shame about the 
frustrations...Maybe Steve can find the 
lost signs for you if you ask him....

What happened? Here are some 

1. Always use Firefox.
SignText  and SignPuddle are both 
designed to be used in Firefox.

Did you use Firefox?

2. When you say 57 you mean 
in a sentence in SignText?
Or do you mean dictionary entries in 

3. If it is SignText, then be sure to 
press the Options Button first, before 
bookmarking (saving) the sentence in 
FireFox...Bookmarking cannot be done in 
the Editing Screen. Push the Options 
Button and then bookmark.

4. I never heard of a Favorite in that a kind of bookmark?

5. Have you read the SignText Manual? I 
know it is boring, but it helps...

SignText Manual

Thanks once again Charles...

Stuart sent me his translation today and 
I will post it next message...and of 
course I hope we can read yours later too...

Val ;-)

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