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July 28, 2006

The double vertical line represents the 
forearm straight up and down, and the 
curved arrow shows the path of either 
the baby finger or the thumb, rotating 
around the forearm. The forearm is like 
an axis, that stays in one place while 
the thumb or baby finger of the hand 
guide the rotation...

When the curve curves down (down on the 
page), it really means the thumb is 
painting a curved path toward the chest 
parallel to the floor.

When the curve curves up (up on the 
page), it really means the baby finger 
is painting a curved path toward the 
front wall, parallel to the floor.

There is a way to teach yourself 
visually what I mean.

Place your elbow on a table with your 
forearm up. Put a lamp in front of you 
arm. When you rotate your arm in one 
place, your baby finger will hit the 
lamp, and your thumb will hit your chest...

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