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Hi Honza and everyone,
I'm ready to prepare such a summary.

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> Hi List,
> we are planning first big workshop about SW in Central Europe in Czech 
> Rep. in Prague this September.
> I like to invite all people who are interested in SW and I like to write 
> an article how SW is used around the world - to make more people 
> interested in SW.
> Please, could anyone of you write short summary "How SW is used in my 
> country" and short history of SW in your country?
> (I mean SW came to your country, how long it is used, where, (how many 
> schools..), how (in educating, in SL courses..)
> I like to have report from at least this countries:
> Dennmark,
> USA,
> Poland,
> Germany,
> Belgium
> and reports from any other countries are very welcome.
> many thanks
> Honza

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