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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Jul 30 16:02:35 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
July 30, 3006

Dear SW List, Stefan and Everyone!

SignWriting is not a computer program! There may be 100 computer  
programs in the future, for creating SignWriting documents, email and  
so forth...but no matter what computer program you use...SignWriting  
is still a writing system that is written by hand and by computer,  
with several computer programs.

Before the year 2000 I had trouble encouraging SignWriting users to  
use a computer to type SignWriting. The old SignWriting users from  
the 1980s wrote by hand only, and it was very hard to encourage them  
to gain computer skills at the time.

Now it has reversed. The new SignWriting users of the late 1990's and  
2000's, are dependent on computers and have not become used to  
writing by hand...

So you can see that life keeps changing, and I have no choice but to  
change with it...

Right now, we have six computer programs for creating SignWriting  

1. SignWriter DOS
2. SignWriter Java
3. SW-Edit
4. SignPuddle
5. SignText
6. SignBank

And perhaps there are more that I do not know about!!

THANK YOU to all the software developers who have created these  
wonderful programs.

And THANK YOU to all the future programmers, who will develop more  
useful programs for SignWriting. Every new program is welcome!!

Meanwhile, I personally have chosen to give technical support for  
SignPuddle, SignText and SignBank. I cannot continue to sell  
SignWriter DOS on our web site, because people who buy it are upset  
and disappointed that it does not work in Windows I need to  
improve our web sites so that I explain it better to users...

And doesn't stand keeps moving if any  
of you would like to learn how to use SignText, and you feel  
frustrated, let's make a telephone or videophone appointment, and I  
can help you in person daily if you wish, until you become skilled.

Who hasn't tried to create a SignText document yet, on the List?  
Write to me privately, and let me help you learn!

I can also help you privately to learn to write by hand...just  
contact contact information is below...

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
Sutton at

1. SignWriting
Read & Write Sign Languages

2. SignBank
Create Sign Language Databases

3. SignPuddle
Create Sign Language Dictionaries

4. SignText
Create Sign Language Documents

5. SignWriting List
Technical Support: Ask questions to the List

6. DanceWriting
Read & Write Dance Movement

7. MovementWriting
Read & Write All Body Movement

SignWriting Literacy Project
The DAC, Deaf Action Committee
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038, USA
tel 858-456-0098   fax 858-456-0020
D-Link Videophone:
Skype Name: valeriesutton

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