Call for Presenters - ASL Workshop, Portland, OR (Oct. 13-14, 2006)

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Tue Jul 11 19:34:52 UTC 2006

Call for Presenters

The Washington American 
Sign Language Teachers 
Association (WA-ASLTA), 
NorthWest American Sign 
Language Teachers 
Association (NWASLTA), 
and the Washington State 
High School ASL Teachers 
Consortium will be 
hosting a Mini-Convention 
sponsored by the 
Washington School for the 
Deaf (WSD) in Vancouver, 
Washington on October 13 
and 14, 2006.

The first mini-convention 
was held five years ago 
at WSD. This year, two 
keynote speakers and 
eight qualified guest 
lecturers will be 
addressing contemporary 
issues in ASL teaching. 
We seek guest lecturers 
who are qualified and 
experienced ASL teachers. 
ASL teachers holding 
ASLTA certification at 
the Professional level 
will be given priority 
consideration in order to 
fulfill their 
professional development 
requirements to maintain 
certification. We believe 
that there are many ASL 
teachers in our area who 
would benefit others by 
sharing their expertise 
through these workshops 
regardless of their ASLTA 
certification. ALL ASL 
teachers are highly 
encouraged to apply.

Guest lecturers will be 
required to present two 
one hour and fifteen 
minute lectures (once on 
Friday and once on 
Saturday). The following 
themes have been selected 
for the mini-convention:

1. General topics 
relating to ASL teaching.

2. Educational Issues. 
(Curriculum, Assessment, 
classroom management, etc.)

3. Language and 
Linguistics. (Vocabulary 
enrichment, Linguistic 
applications in teaching, 
grammar lessons, etc.)

4. Deaf Culture.

Proposals on any other 
topics relevant to the 
field of teaching ASL are 
also welcome. For a full 
listing of appropriate 
topics for presentations, 
see the ASLTA website 
listing at 
The deadline for 
submission of proposals 
is August 1, 2006 but 
applications will be 
accepted until all eight 
positions are filled.

The Program Committee 
currently consists of Tom 
Wills (NWASLTA President) 
and Lance Forshay 
(WA-ASTA President). If 
you are interested in 
serving on the selection 
committee please contact 
Tom Wills at 
TWillsASL at

APPLYING: Abstracts 
should demonstrate a 
clear focus or statement 
of the problem, and a 
statement of the 
implications for ASL 
Teachers. To permit blind 
evaluation, please type 
your name and 
institutional affiliation 
in the top left-hand 
corner of the abstract. 
Then triple space and 
type the title of your 
paper. Then double space 
before beginning the body 
of the abstract. 
Abstracts should be typed 
and single spaced.


1. Abstracts must not 
exceed 250 words. 
Abstracts over 250 words 
will not be accepted.

2. Abstracts must appear 
as a single paragraph.

3. To permit blind 
evaluation, please type 
your name and 
institutional affiliation 
in the top left-hand 
corner of the abstract.


Proposal submissions: 
Submit abstracts to 
TWillsASL at 
<mailto:TWillsASL at> 
by AUGUST 1, 2006. We 
will continue to accept 
submissions until we have 
filled eight positions.

If you do not have access 
to the internet, mail 
your form and abstract to 
the address listed below, 
postmarked by August 1, 2006
Address for submissions:
Tom Wills
1022 NE 77th Ave
Portland, OR 97213

Cancellations and 
no-shows: No-shows 
inconvenience the chair, 
and audience members 
attending the session. 
Participants who discover 
they are unable to attend 
the meeting should notify 
the program committee 

Payment: A $50 honorarium 
will be given to each 
presenter on completion 
of two one hour and 
fifteen minute 
presentations. Presenters 
must pay regular workshop 
registration fees in 
order to observe other 
presentations during the 


Aug 1 Postmark and 
deadline for all 
proposals (proposals 
after that date will 
still be accepted until 
all positions are filled)

Aug 15 Notifications of 
acceptances mailed 
(including preliminary 
sessions and times)

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