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Sun Jul 9 05:24:39 UTC 2006

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July 8, 2006

Today I spoke with Cherie Wren from Georgia on the telephone. We  
discussed writing a grant to assist the Georgia School for the Deaf  
to present SignWriting this new school year, which starts very soon.  
School starts the first week of August! The Georgia School for the  
Deaf is a residential school that uses ASL, but the teachers, many of  
whom are Deaf, do not realize that ASL can be written. Let us hope  
this year will be a turning point...Cherie tells me there is already  
one classroom with some SignWriting examples on the walls...;-)

Back to Jack and Jill...they keep trying to fetch their pail of water  
and we never allow them to finish - ha!



Transferring Saved Documents from One Browser to Another

1. The sentences are saved as Bookmarks in a web browser.

2. I want to edit the sentences in Firefox, but I wrote the originals  
in another web browser, Camino.

3. Can I transfer bookmarks from one web browser to the other? from  
Camino to Firefox? The answer is YES!

4. I open Camino's bookmark management program, and choose Export  
Bookmarks from the pull-down menu...see attached diagram...continued  
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