USA SW Symposium in DC

Machado machado at SOFTWARELIVRE.ORG
Thu Jun 1 16:45:01 UTC 2006


I'm trully happy that someone is working to run a Symposium on SW. I
know how hard is to make this kind of "enterprise". That's why I'm sure
that if there are someone able to do it in DC, the Symposium should be
held in DC. : ) 

But, if you're thinking in have many attendees, speakers, practioners
and other SW engaged people from abroad, maybe local rganizers could
consider to run the symposium somewhere else. 

I say, somewhere where visa issues would be easier for Latin Americans.
We could imagine Montreal or Ottawa. These are the great cities closer
to Washington that I recall.

In the last years it has been really hard to Latin Americans to get US
visa. I'm sure that there are really good people working hard to run the
symposium and to have us there. Washington may be a beautfull place but
can be really difficult to get there.

Again, if there is plenty of people in DC who eager to make it, there is
no better place where it should be made : ) 

I wish the best Luck in the symposium and I look forward to help you
guys somehow.



Em Qui, 2006-06-01 às 11:42 -0700, Valerie Sutton escreveu:
> SignWriting List
> June 1, 2006
> Charles Butler wrote:
> > That's why I'm thinking at least a year out, with people coming  
> > from all over, not just the DC area, and truly try to launch a  
> > national user's group to focus on ASL as well as truly having a  
> > representative showing of multiple signed languages (something that  
> > was missing from Deaf Way II, to the complaint of many from Brazil,  
> > Columbia, Panama, and other South American and Central American  
> > delegates.)
> Wonderful, Charles. Good luck with forming a US organizing committee!  
> Keep us informed...
> Other countries use SignWriting more than we do in the United States,  
> so encouraging people from the United States to participate would be  
> great...
> Of course there is always interest from other countries to enjoy  
> visiting Gallaudet and attending the SW Symposium while they are in  
> Washington DC anyway, but I hope some US people will attend  
> is hard to get US people to even look at SignWriting because it is  
> from their own country...and that is not as glamorous as something  
> from another country...that is just human nature ;-)
> Val ;-)

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