USA SW Symposium in DC

Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 7 22:20:21 UTC 2006

  Valerie wrote:
OK. I hope someone does it!

and thank you, Charles, for your interest and good ideas!! I 
appreciate it...Have you been to Gallaudet lately? There are some 
SignWriting users on campus...

Val ;-)

  Really, cool.
  Can we all get together and try to start a little project then, that can grow into a Symposium or ongoing workshop project.  Things cost money, and people need to realize that.  I'm willing to teach in spare time, and work around things, but we really want to see people educated, and sometimes "no cost" becomes "no value" in some people's brains.  
  You can't get interpreters to work for free, and a one-on-one teacher's time is valuable.  Having free materials to work with to teach the system is one thing, but ongoing projects through educational systems are paid for by students and educators alike.  
  Meanwhile, it would be nice to get together with those who do use SW on Gallaudet campus and talk about some "public awareness" things we could do at low or no cost.
  Charles Butler
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