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Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sat Jun 10 09:05:30 UTC 2006

Hello dear SW-list members - 


“After years of planning and waiting, the 2006 FIFA World Cup has finally
got underway
 and the party has only just begun. – “


but as an SW-enthusiast I would love to be able to sign and write all the
names of the teams that are participating. 


It would be great if whoever who knows a sign for the teams from 


1) The Ivory Coast   - 

2) Togo      * 

3) Trinidad/Tobago -  

4) Ghana      


Special greetings to Eyasu – perhaps you know some signs – as they are used
by native DEAF signers in these countries? 


Would  be great to read your SW – spelling 



All the very best 



Stefan ;-) 

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