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June 18, 2006

Ingvild Roald from Norway wrote:
> Wonderfull! Thanks - we would use some of this for the European  
> Sign Writers' charter/ constitution. Just one thing more: To give  
> free accsess through the World Wide Web for basic software,  
> lessons, and litterature in SignWriting - or something along these  
> lines

Thank you, Ingvild! I have added that one. Plus I just got  
suggestions for more....

So now we have 12! See below...

Can anyone think of any more?

Val ;-)

SignWriting Mission Statement

Mission 1: To provide all Sign Language users a written form for Sign  

Mission 2: To provide all Deaf cultures a way to document their  
native languages.

Mission 3: To raise the literacy levels and self-esteem of all Sign  
Language users.

Mission 4: To provide software for preparing and publishing written  
Sign Language.

Mission 5: To provide free education in SignWriting to all Sign  
Language users.

Mission 6: To provide training for teachers to teach SignWriting and  
related software.

Mission 7: To provide free access to lessons, literature and software  
on the World Wide Web.

Mission 8: To provide published written Sign Language Literature on  
library shelves.

Mission 9: To provide research tools for Sign Language linguistic  

Mission 10: To provide employment for Sign Language users and  
software programmers.

Mission 11: To assist SignWriting users in communicating and sharing  
with each other.

Mission 12: To educate the world that Sign Languages are now written  
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