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I agree, one mission statement will probably more concisely communicate 
your efforts.  I wrote my own version below.  Hope it helps!

SignWriting Mission Statement
"To provide the Deaf community and ... throughout the world with the 
ability to flourish through the use of their native language."
Our objectives thus far are the following: (then list the objectives 
you stated earlier)

As for the ... section, I wasn's sure how to state that part.  It 
should encompss those like teachers, researchers, and so on.  Perhaps 
something like, "those with a vested interest" (which isn't very 


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  I'm wondering if you could write that into one mission statement that 
encompasses all those separate missions as tasks. You would have one 
mission and several tasks to that mission. A broader mission statement 
then may be "A sustained and verifiable worldwide effort in SignWriting 
use and development for the promotion and education to and for the 
Deaf, their teachers, the public and researchers on and for the 
benefits and applicability of written signed languages. The mission 
tasks are:
 To provided all .... "


 Valerie Sutton wrote:
 > SignWriting List
 > June 18, 2006
 > Ingvild Roald from Norway wrote:
  >> Wonderfull! Thanks - we would use some of this for the European 
Sign >> Writers' charter/ constitution. Just one thing more: To give 
free >> accsess through the World Wide Web for basic software, lessons, 
and >> litterature in SignWriting - or something along these lines
  > Thank you, Ingvild! I have added that one. Plus I just got 
suggestions > for more....
 > So now we have 12! See below...
 > Can anyone think of any more?
 > Val ;-)
 > *SignWriting Mission Statement*
  > *Mission 1:* To provide all Sign Language users a written form for > 
Sign Language.
  > *Mission 2:* To provide all Deaf cultures a way to document their > 
native languages.
  > *Mission 3: *To raise the literacy levels and self-esteem of all 
Sign > Language users.
  > *Mission 4:* To provide software for preparing and publishing 
written > Sign Language.
  > *Mission 5: *To provide free education in SignWriting to all Sign > 
Language users.
  > *Mission 6:* To provide training for teachers to teach SignWriting 
and > related software.
  > *Mission 7:* To provide free access to lessons, literature and > 
software on the World Wide Web.
  > *Mission 8:* To provide published written Sign Language Literature 
on > library shelves.
  > *Mission 9:* To provide research tools for Sign Language linguistic 
> research.
  > *Mission 10:* To provide employment for Sign Language users and > 
software programmers.
  > *Mission 11:* To assist SignWriting users in communicating and 
sharing > with each other.
  > *Mission 12:* To educate the world that Sign Languages are now 
written > languages!

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