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CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US CWren at DOE.K12.GA.US
Wed Jun 21 17:48:51 UTC 2006

    OK, I think I have figured out constructing new arrows...  How do they 
look?   I would like the curves to look a little curvier...  but I like it 
better than the options I had before constructing!    I also wonder about 
the way the two arrows are side by side...  The handshapes end up on top 
of each other, is there any way the arrows could show that 'merge' better? 
 maybe if they angled in slightly, instead of ending parallel to each 
other?   Hmmm...  maybe I'll try using that curved arrow as the base and 

FYI:  the sign is MAINSTREAM (school); a more political version that ends 
in a visual representation of -one- Deaf student among -many- hearing, 
that also (not so coincidentally) happens to look a heck of a lot like the 
sign for 'oppression'  ---For the one gloss/many signs thread--  this is 
an example where a variation in signing carries cultural/political 
meaning.  It adds a little -opinion- to the word ::smile::

Cherie Wren
GSD Staff Interpreter
232 Perry Farm Rd
Cave Spring, GA 30124
706-766-0766 Cell

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