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I do not know who the Gallaudet University users are as they have not identified themselves on this list.  I live off campus but would be happy to meet you in the evening during that time period.
My connection with the Gallaudet campus has not been continuous in some years.  I know some faculty, and some graduate students, but I am not a part of the every day life of the campus.  I did present, through DAC, a class on sign language literatures in SW in ASL and in Libras at the Deaf Way conference a few years ago, but that is the extent of my current correspondence with Gallaudet.
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Hello Val, Charles and all:
ooh, who are these Gallaudet SW users?
I'm going to be on campus during the last week of July and the 1st week of
August, and would love to meet them! Also, I will be bringing copies of my
just-finished ASL anthology for the bookstore there ...
Kim from Boston

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>Valerie wrote:
>OK. I hope someone does it!
>and thank you, Charles, for your interest and good ideas!! I 
>appreciate it...Have you been to Gallaudet lately? There are some 
>SignWriting users on campus...
>Val ;-)
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