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> 4th row:
> Open round mouth
> Open round mouth put forward
> Open round tight mouth?
> Adam


Yes! Exactly. 4th row, last one, is oftentimes used for the sign for  
WHO in oo...wrinkles around the open mouth requires some  
tension, or tight as you say...

5th row are the Oval mouths...side to side, with a little tension,  
and a yawn mouth...

6th row I know is a little weird, but they are similar to the oval  
mouths, but is just another choice of symbol that  
can be applied when you need to differentiate between different open  
mouth positions...some people can really do an oval versus a  
rectangle...and some cannot physically make their mouth look that  
different...but the point of these symbols is to help us decide on  
some common ways of writing certain commonly used mouth  
positions...Stefan used all these symbols, plus a few additional  
ones, to specifically decide...this is the way we are going to write  
this...but we have not done that kind of research or decision making  
in the US yet, but we could, if you feel it is a good idea...for  
example, we could say that when writing ASL, the oo mouth position  
will always be the 4th row down far WHO...

The 7th row down are the KISS mouths...simple Kiss, then Kiss with  
lips pushed more forward, and then a tight Kiss with wrinkles around  
the mouth...

The next row are Tense Lips pressed together, tense lips pressed  
together and forward and tense lips pressed together and sucked back....

Does all this make sense, Adam?

What does the ninth row down represent?...

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