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March 1, 2006

> On Mar 1, 2006, at 11:21 AM, Adam Frost wrote:
> The middle face on row 5 and 6 are the same??? Row 5's would be a  
> wrinkle on the face while row 6's is tense. So would that mean that  
> IF there was a difference, one could make a mix and match? Oval  
> with wrinkles and another oval tense; Rectangle with wrinkles and  
> another rectangle tense? And could the same be done with the up  
> right oval and rectangle, ie up right oval with wrinkles and  
> another up right oval tense; up right rectangle with wrinkles and  
> another up right rectangle tense? Not that it would need to be, but  
> I have found that if I play with symbols like that, then I get a  
> better feel for them. So, are all those workable, or am I  
> understanding something wrong?

Hello Adam!

YES! That is correct....You can mix and match. That is the whole  
point of SignWriting Facial mix and match them, to  
create the facial expressions you need to write your language... They  
are neutral in the sense that they are just know your  
language and know what you need to write...and these tools are here  
for you to mix and match to make it work for you...then  
standardization can come in, in time, when you use the same  
combinations a lot for one specific facial expression that is  
important for your language... if your combinations become easily  
read by users of your language...they will write them the same too...

The middle one in row 5 is an oval open mouth with tension at the  
sides of the mouth.
The middle one in row 6 is a rectangular open mouth, similar to the  
oval open mouth, but there is tension on all the lips so that there  
are little wrinkles around the entire mouth

So there is a difference...tension on the sides of the mouth verses  
tension around all the entire mouth while it is open...

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