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March 1st, 2006

Hello Cherie, Adam and Stefan -
I am not sure why, but for some reason, this message bounced, Cherie,  
so I am posting it for you...See below...

of course I understand that you need photos and illustrations and  
lots of examples!

I did teach the eyegaze several times...Maybe Stefan can help?

Maybe Adam and Cherie can take photos of their own face doing some of  
these positions!! smile...Val ;-)


Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006
From: Cherie Wren <cwterp at>

ditto for eye gaze-- I cant figure those out! I aways
get them confused!


--- Adam Frost <icemandeaf at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:


I have looked at the web lessons; however, I am not
always clear about the English wording. It would help
me better if there were pictures of someone doing the
meaning of the symbol. I know that some are just
really hard to do. But if the basic ones have
pictures, then I would be able to figure out the
others. An example of I am talking about is the head
movement symbols with double-strem vs. single-strem
arrows in one of the SW emails I had with Stefan where
I wrote a "shaking the head no" with the single-strem
arrow. Stefan told me that I wrote an Egyptian
dancer's head movement rather than my goal for the
shaking. He told me that the double-strem arrow was
the one that I needed. Being able to envision the
difference really helped me understand the symbol.



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> SignWriting List
> March 1, 2006
> On Mar 1, 2006, at 3:47 PM, AdamFrost wrote:
>> So it the second one on row 9 sucking the bottom lip
in and the

>> third is sucking the top lip in? Or it the other

>> Adam
> Upper lip over lower lip and lower lip over upper
lip...One has the

> lip over the other one...see attached...
> Did you know that all these symbols are explained on
the web in

> detail?...
> Go to:
> Lessons in SignWriting
> Click on Chapter 10 for Facial Expressions...Every
symbol is listed

> one by one...
> Here is the page with those symbols explained:

> << 150-Facial-Expressions.gif >>

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