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March 2, 2006

> Kathleen at Kasterlinden Bilinguaal school in Belgium wrote:
> I'm very curious about SIGNTEXT ;-) Because this was one of the  
> points of discussion at the ESWS (the European SignWriters Symposium).
> Writing sentences in SignWriting without using GLOSS... that's what  
> the children need :)
> But now I'm at home looking at the SignText screen and wondering  
> how to get started.
> I saw some mails ago the symbols that should be on the page. This  
> is all I get, I only see the 'option' button.
> So Val, please tell me how to write my first sentence: (I want to  
> learn)

Hello Everyone and Kathleen!
Happy to help. Keep asking questions!


1. Connect to the Internet, and open the Firefox web browser.

2. Go to SignText on the web:

3. Make your Firefox window as BIG as possible. Stretch the window so  
it fills your whole computer screen.

4. To see the Symbol Palette, scroll to the far right. The Symbol  
Palette should appear, with the SignBox. You may have to scroll down  
a little too.

5. See the attached diagram. It shows everything on the SignText  
Editor screen...(continued next message)...

1. Symbol Palette
2. SignBox
3. Command Buttons
4. Sentence Column
5. Text Editing Buttons
6. Options for your sentence.

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