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March 2, 2006

Kasterlinden Bilinguaal school in Belgium wrote:
> I'm with you so far. I've downloaded Firefox onto my computer. Is  
> this program really necessary or can I work with SignText without it?

Hello Kathleen and Everyone!

Yes. I would suggest using Firefox...Here is more information:

Use Firefox Web Browser

What is a web browser? A web browser is the software you use to  
access the Web. For example, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox,  
Mac Safari and Mac Camino are all web browsers. All of them make it  
possible to access the web in general.

SignText works best in the Firefox web browser. It is recommended  
that you use Firefox when using SignText and SignPuddle.

Other browsers that work are Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari and  
Camino on the Macintosh, and Netscape on both Mac and Windows.

But all in all, you will have a better experience using Firefox.

Firefox can be downloaded free on the web. Download it before using  

Download Firefox

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