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March 3, 2006

Hello Kathleen!
I am trying to finish the manual...ha! As you know, it is early  
morning here...California is nine hours earlier than I  
will get my mid-day legs shortly...I have to get some breakfast... ;-))

So while you are waiting for me...if you click on the Editor button,  
it takes you back to the Editor window to create another  
sentence...try the Editor button to see what happens...

The SignMail button takes you to a SignMail page to send your  
sentence in email...Steve is still working on that feature. At this  
time, you need to press the Preview button to see your  
sentence...then put in your to and from email addresses, and push the  
Send button...Try sending us a sentence in Flemish Sign Language to  
the SW List...ok? And I will do the same in ASL later today!!

Val ;-)


On Mar 3, 2006, at 9:04 AM, Kasterlinden Bilinguaal wrote:

> Hallo Steve and Val,
> Steve thank you for explaining. I'm still not sure about how to  
> save a sentence... If I'm using firefox and I hit 'bookmark' I get  
> to choose where to place this sentence. I've tryed to save it, but  
> the problem is I can't seem to find this document again. :s
> Val, could you run me through the other Signtext options (editor,  
> add to signpuddle) please :)
> Thank you both,
> Kathleen
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> >SignWriting List
> >March 3, 2006
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> >Text Editing Buttons really help to edit sentences!
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