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Frank frankbyrom at ISP.COM
Mon Mar 6 23:11:23 UTC 2006

Dear Valorie,
     I mailed the March edition of my "Basic ASL Dictionary" to you at 3pm
today;  it should be there by next Monday.  I chose the delux student
binding for you, (LOL).  Its versatile, can occupy a number of positions
without identitiy confusion.  My target audience is people who wish to begin
learning to sign quickly.  I'll redraw some entries, rewrite the front pages
and acquire or write a synopsis of SignWriting for an Appendix 5 before I go
to a Hard Cover edition.
     Like Diderot and Voltaire, I think it would be good to have necessary
and sufficient information bound into one volume, and believe its possible
to do this for ASL.
     Hoping your good work will be rewarding and satisfying this week, I
Yours truly,  Frank

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