A question about "bigness" of signs

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Mar 7 15:01:29 UTC 2006

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March 7, 2006

WRITING SIZES continued...


Today I am writing sentences in ASL from an old document called ASL  
Facial Adverbs, in the new SignText program. The sentence places  
signs to the left and to the right. Some signs are center as well. A  
sign in the Center Lane, needed to refer to a sign over in the Left  
Lane. When I first wrote the sign, I made the arrow too short. So I  
moved the sign back into the SignBox for editing, selected the short  
arrow, then clicked on the Variations key to make it longer....so  
size of movement does matter, because the longer arrow makes it clear  
we are referring to a sign over in the Left Lane...so size of arrow  
becomes more important when writing with Lanes too...

Ask questions, Barbara and team....smile...

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