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Thu Mar 9 01:11:47 UTC 2006

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March 8, 2006

> Philippe from Iowa wrote:
> While I am working many signs and this came to me and thought of  
> this. I do understand that there are three different kinds of arrow  
> fills (left, right and both).  But, for the ‘both’ arrow, I read  
> the manual and it says contact both hands and use ‘both’ arrow.   
> But, I am wondered if I can use ‘both’ arrow for both hands  
> without contact each other and move at the same time?  This will  
> havefewer symbols on Sign Writing.  Here is example for depression  
> that I just created….With left and right down arrow and move same  
> time symbol:I just thought of this way with ‘both’ down arrow  
> without move same time symbol: Will this work?  Just a thought….

Hello Philippe and Everyone!
Thank you for this message. I did not see an attached file, Philippe,  
so I have not seen the diagram you wanted to show me  
yet...smile...can you send it again?...

For the sake of all our List members, let me show several  
diagrams...First, here is information on the way we write the right  
hand moving, and the left hand moving...We have a dark arrowhead for  
the right and a light or hollow arrow for the left...continued next  

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