left, right and both arrows

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I did use attachment to add two diagrams and apparently it is not
working.  Here I am again...  If not working, you can look it up at
depression and depression_2.

>From your previous instructions I understand but for this, can we do
like depression_2?  Since we can use two hands move together but use one
'both' arrow with out touch two hands together.  I noticed many signs
that has two hands moving together at the same time without touch each
other can use one 'both' arrow instead two arrows for left and right

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March 8, 2006

Imagine your right hand is placed in a can of black paint, and the  
your left hand is placed in a can of white paint. The right arm will  
paint a black path of movement, thus the right arrowhead is dark. And  
the left arm paints a white path in space, thus the white arrowhead  
for the left arm. So when both hands touch each other and do the  
movement together in ONE path, the black and white paths blend  
together and make a general path that is a blending of the black and  
white paint... But if your two arms are moving down, but they are  
separated with much space between them...we write two separate arrows  
because there is a black and white path that is not blending  
together...that is the idea behind the general arrowhead...

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