ASL Facial Adverbs, Sentence 5

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Thu Mar 9 18:12:05 UTC 2006

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March 9, 2006

Charles Butler wrote:
> The only problem I have with this, is that it takes a full page to  
> display and write. It's readable, clear, and well formed, but...if  
> we are to have any long-term effect, Sign Writing has got to be  
> reduced to columns that actually can fit on printed pages without  
> going to VOLUMES.  We need to do experiments in how small the  
> drawings can go, but right now there is a LOT of empty space on the  
> page that is just not necessary, even with lanes.  Chinese can be  
> written all the way down to 10 point type size and be readable, so  
> could the old Sign Writing newspapers.  I'd hesitate to show this  
> illustration in a daily reader.  The same five signs can take up  
> less than two inches by 3 inches and still be readable. Is there  
> any work being done in this direction for actual printed  
> publications anymore.


Steve is working right now on the features you mention above! This is  
the first time in history that we have software where we can produce  
a document in vertical writing with Lanes...and I love the Lanes!!  
And now Steve is working on creating the document formatting that you  
mention...but considering that just 6 weeks ago, SignText could not  
do the many editing features it now can do, I think this is a miracle  
and I am grateful for what we have right now!

And oh...regarding size...when printing out in SignWriter DOS for  
example, we could go to very very tiny sizes with no problems reading  
it on paper...the only problem is when we are reading those tiny  
sizes on a computer screen...that we need to improve quality but that  
will happen...

Charles, have you tried SignText in the past 6 weeks? It is really  
fun and has improved greatly!!

SignText Editor

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