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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Mar 10 15:15:58 UTC 2006

Hi Val,

I like Ingvild's suggestion.  We would change the gloss names for the 
graphic only signs.  We take all of the gloss names and prefix them with 
"pic-".  So if we had help as a graphic only sign, its gloss name would 
change to "pic-help".  On the searched by word page, you would have 
about 3000 signs that start with "pic-".

It will take a bit of work on my side, but I think it will be worth it. 


Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> March 10, 2006
> Ingvild Roald in Norway wrote:
>> Or maybe it would be better if the pic signs stay in the same pudle, 
>> but with the 'surname' pic - then they would be awaylable to see, and 
>> could be re-written by the one who wants to use this sign, and thus 
>> be (slowly) changed into new symbols -
> Hello Ingvild and everyone -
> That is exactly what we have right now, Ingvild, and have had it that 
> way, from the beginning. There are only two Puddles that have this 
> problem...the US and Germany. We all had a lot of signs in the old 
> SignWriter DOS format, so Steve placed those in the Puddles as 
> graphics and it says it is a graphic when you go into Dictionary 
> Editors. And the idea was that we would all re-do all those signs, but 
> we haven't...what has happened instead is that people add new signs, 
> and the old ones rarely get now we have a dictionary that 
> cannot always be used because it is not pure don't have 
> that problem in Norway, and I am glad!
> I believe that the old ones will never be completely changed if we 
> leave them in the US SignPuddle because people see the pics and don't 
> realize that they have to be changed...then later they are frustrated 
> when half the US dictionary cannot load signs into
> Which is another comedy! We developed SignText with the hopes that 
> people would add their signs directly, just as we type English without 
> copying and pasting from a dictionary, but instead we are bringing 
> signs already written into SignText anyway - ha! So the same problems 
> we had with SignWriter DOS are happening again...SignWriter DOS had an 
> excellent way to type directly, without using the dictionary, but 
> people used the dictionary to paste signs instead...and SignText can 
> do both too...
> I guess by having American signs that cannot load into SignText from 
> SignPuddle...maybe it is a blessing in disguise - ha! Then people have 
> to create directly in Sign Language instead of using glosses to paste 
> signs from a dictionary! smile...
> Val ;-)
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