left, right and together arrows

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Two examples on use of my rule 4 is found in Val's message 'Facial adverbs, 
sentece 1'


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>March 10, 2006
>On Mar 10, 2006, at 3:38 AM, Ingvild Roald wrote:
>>For years we in Norway have been using the 'together' arrow when  the two 
>>hands are moving as a unit, even if they are not touching.  This will be 
>>when the hands are in certain classifier shapes, and  what is 'really' 
>>moving is the thing that the hand holds between  them. Just general 
>>'paralell' is not enough for our use of the  'both' arrow (sorry Stefan, I 
>>know I have written some signs  violating this rule, as you have pointed 
>>Personally, and with at least some deaf Norwegian signers behind  me, I 
>>feel that the 'togheter' arrow should be used (prioritized list)
>>1) when the two hands are painting the same route, contact or no  contact
>>2) when the two hands are moving in contact, even if the routes do  not 
>>3) when the two hands are moving as a unit, as in some classifier  signs, 
>>even if they are not touching
>>4) when the sign would otherwise be hard to read because of  crowding of 
>Hello Ingvild, Stefan, Charles, Philippe and Everyone!
>Thank you for your ideas above. Perhaps for Norwegian Sign Language,  where 
>you do not have large dictionaries already created, this might  work fine. 
>This is similar to the way the Danes use the arrows...I  think...I am not 
>sure...so that Scandinavia would be similar...
>For writing ASL, this would be an enormous change. Hundreds, perhaps  
>thousands of signs would have to be changed in all our  publications...so I 
>am not going to force ourselves to re-write  everything...if we get new 
>rules, we need to make them a choice and  not mandatory...We could simply 
>relax the current rules to include  certain exceptions...and I could teach 
>the old and the new in our books.
>Just your number 1 would change hundreds of signs in ASL...I would  assume 
>you would write the attached sign with general arrows? What is  the 
>difference between your number 1 and number 3 above?

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