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Adam Frost icemandeaf at YAHOO.COM
Sun Mar 12 21:02:07 UTC 2006

Thanks for letting me know about the adding directly. That will come in handy.
About the coloring, I only left one sign on my webpage that isn't coloring by the code. It is one the directory bar across the top. (You will see it.) The ones that are coloring, I left. (They are all of the ones colored except for the ones one the dierctory bar which are all gifs except for the one previously mentioned.)
About ideas, I have a few. :-) Could there be a way to make mutiple columns like with the translating program and email program from SignText options? And could there be a way to make it so that you could say the number of sign in each column separately? Because some signs are longer than others making columns truly uneven with an even number of signs in each column. Also can there be an option for the HTML code with the other options offered by SignText? This will help me build my webpages. (Just a couple off the top of my head right now.)
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Date: 03/12/06 12:40 PM
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Hi Adam,

If you have the build string, you can access the add sign form directly 
by adding the build string to the end of this address.

If you send me specific examples where the color isn't working, I'm sure 
I can figure out what's wrong.

Also, if you have any requests or ideas on how I could help you work 
faster or better, let me know.


Adam Frost wrote:
> Steve,
> The resizeing works great! (For what we have now. SMILE!)
> I tried to color some SW text and background with the codeing that you showed me. Sometimes it worked while other times it didn't. I learned that it only worked if the sign was in SignPuddle. Now I have a problem. I have the build for the sign in HTML form, but I don't know how to put them into SignPuddle. (I wanted to do this anyways, but it would also be a quick solve for the color problem until we can figure something out.)
> Adam

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