Thank you for your snail mail! ;-)

Frank frankbyrom at ISP.COM
Tue Mar 14 02:20:36 UTC 2006

Thanks Val,
     I'm sure I downloaded Acrobat PDF software prior.  What you say makes
sense about the print out.  If I can't figure out this problem,  I'll have
my head examined again, then work on it.  I'll look at what I have in memory
to start, where all my applications and programs are stored, to discover if
PDF software is there already.
P.S.  Before I pretend to present SignWriting in an Appendix, I will post
what I've written to invite you to advise me if my understandings are
correct.  My manner of exibit may vary from your own; but I will not be
satisfied until I know what I say is exactly right.     The fifth section of
the dictionary is well done Val, I don't expect God himself would take any
exception to what is there.
     Sincerely, Frank
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> On Mar 13, 2006, at 8:40 AM, Frank wrote:
> > My software gave me no indication it
> > intended to do anything or was doing anything.  I'll see if I have
> > a problem
> > here.
> Frank -
> Our documents are in the standard format, called PDF, or Portable
> Document Format. The software to read PDF files is called Acrobat,
> and you can download Acrobat for free on the Adobe web site...
> Download Acrobat
> I would rather not print out the book for you, if you can download
> Acrobat and read it and print it yourself...The textbook is in a
> similar format to the fifth section of the dictionary I sent
> if those 30 pages at the end of the dictionary are not what you like
> in instruction, then you will not like our textbook...
> We have a PDF Library on the web...lots of documents to download if
> you want...
> PDF Archive

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