Testing SignPuddle 2.0

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Mar 24 22:48:21 UTC 2006

SignWriting List
March 24, 2006

Hello Steve and Everyone -
Wow. You take my breath away. How do you work so fast, Steve?!

I took the morning to go to the Apple Store to talk with one of their  
experts on the new Mac Intel's ability to run both Mac OS X and  
Windows XP natively and directly on the same machine...avoiding all  
emulators...it looks like I could do that on my Mac Intel, if I  
increase the Ram etc and I am going to do that, so I can test your  
software development on both Mac OS X and Windows XP at the same  
time...an exciting development for me, because Virtual PC, which is  
what I used to use, is slower, but now I can avoid all emulation  
software...I will keep you informed ;-))

So now, Steve, I am back home and I will try to help you clean up the  
ASL SignPuddle 2.0...Your new Import features look amazing! I see  
lots of signs that are not written exactly as they should be, so this  
will be a way for us to clean as we go...Sometimes people do not know  
where to find a certain symbol in the IMWA and so they construct  
their own symbols to write a sign...but since I know where the  
symbols are (grin) I can find the correct symbols for each sign,  
before we give them their Spelling Sequence...so it is a good idea  
that I do this cleanup to find the right symbols in the IMWA.

And List Members...I am sure you can see why I have not been able to  
teach on the List lately..Steve and new software development has been  
keeping me busy!

But I do receive around three to four new documents in SignWriting  
weekly, from writers around the world, and I know I have promised so  
many new web pages for people...please excuse that I promise things,  
and then I am late with completing the work...I am actually 6 months  
behind in my to-do-list, can you imagine?! But we are making great  
strides forward nonetheless...and I have written down what I promised  
to do long ago, so I have not forgotten at least!

We have a new newsletter from Brazil and I will post that next...

Thanks for listening everyone!

Val ;-)


Steve Slevinski wrote:
> I've been playing around with an ASL 2.0 puddle.  I improved the  
> import utility so it is much nicer to use.  I've imported 2 out of  
> 38 pages of signs for ASL.  About an hour a page, or a sign a  
> minute.  This could take a while.  If anyone wants to help, let me  
> know.
> http://www.signpuddle.org/dictionary/sgn-US
> Currently, I have 90 signs in the ASL 2.0 puddle with sequences.   
> It's working well.  I have a couple of questions about the  
> SignSpelling Sequence which I'll send later.  I need to make  
> detailed sequences easier to add, but the real issues won't become  
> obvious until we hit around 500 signs. Right?
> I'm going to work on the Dictionary Lookup screen now so that we  
> don't have to use the Search by Words screen to see the signs  
> sorted according to the SSS.
> Regards,
> -Steve

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