Report from Vals Desk ;-)

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Good to have you back, Val.
   Love Frank
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  SignWriting List
  March 30, 2006

  Dear SignWriting List Members!
  Our list has been silent recently, for a number of reasons, but I am back!

  Good things to report:

  1. SignPuddle and SignText
  Steve is working on some cool new versions of SignPuddle and SignText, that should be coming in a few months...The new developments will not only fix old problems, but will solve them in an important new way that paves the groundwork for future programming...Thank you, Steve, for your hard work and magical programming...

  2. SignBank
  SignBank is being improved by programmer Todd Duell to work with the new FileMaker Pro 7.0 and 8.0 programs. This is excellent, because this means that later SignBank can receive data from SignPuddle and SignText...and the three programs will inter-relate with each other. So 2006 should produce three programs for SignWriting that work together: SignPuddle-SignText-SignBank.

  3. Bible Translations
  In 2006 people have been busy writing Bible passages in SignWriting! There are several projects now...not only in American Sign Language (ASL) but also in other signed languages as well...

  Regarding the ASL Bible passages that are King James version, in SignWriting, you can read them and download them online. Go to:

  SignBible Site

  Scroll down to see the many documents, which you can now read in PDF format! Thanks to Pastor Dettloff and his Deaf Church, and to Jerry Spillman, for the excellent web site!

  4. So what is Val doing? smile...
  Recovering from the flu...I am fine...and taking care of technology behind the scenes...

  Hope to hear from all of you! 

  Val ;-)

  Valerie Sutton
  Sutton at

  1. SignWriting
  Read & Write Sign Languages

  2. SignBank
  Create Sign Language Databases

  3. SignPuddle
  Create Sign Language Dictionaries

  4. SignText
  Create Sign Language Documents

  5. DanceWriting
  Read & Write Dance Movement

  6. MovementWriting
  Read & Write All Body Movement

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