Sign Graphics

Jason Hopkins codenosher at YAHOO.COM
Fri Nov 3 15:06:41 UTC 2006


I am doing research on different ways sign language can be written.  I have seen a distinction between 'writing systems' and 'notation systems'.  While looking around I found this book:

 										Signs, Symbols and Icons: Pre-history to the Computer Age 										
 										 											 												by  Sassoon, Rosemary.; Gaur, Albertine.

In chapter 7 she talks about a system called 'Sign Graphics' developed by Sara Head when she was a teacher at the Royal School for the Deaf in Derby.  There is suppose to be an article in Laserbeam summer 1992 about it.  I cannot find anything on the web about it, but googleing 'Sign Graphics' is pretty pointless - unless you need a new sign for your business.

Does anyone know anything about it?  Is it still in use?  

It appears the system was created to help Deaf students learn English, kind of a bridge between BSL and English.

Thanks for the help,

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