Reminder ... Call for Presenters FASLTA Feb 2007

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Sun Nov 5 15:02:41 UTC 2006

Deadline is:  11/15/2006
When you hit the "proposal form" link, you may need to scroll down past the  
blank space (my computer at home makes me do that, school is fine -- go figure 
If you're a little uncertain about wanting to do a full 1 hour session all  
by yourself, consider getting together with a couple of friends and asking them 
 to work on a panel or joint presentation.
Don't be afraid of getting up in front of your fellow teachers and having a  
say.  We're a friendly group -- just as warm-hearted as we are  
warm-weathered.  LOL.  We just want to learn from each other!
Alysse Lemery  Rasmussen
TeachASL _www.teachasl.org_ ( 

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