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On Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:

I've seen some of Sara Head's materials over the years; delightful and
nicely drawn line pictures --- her "Signs by Sara" is a useful booklet
aimed at absolute beginngers in BSL. Met up with her as a guest lecturer
on a local Teacher of the Deaf course a couple of years ago but no mention
of any "system" in her lecture on developing literacy.

Sara has been head of primary school at Heathlands School in St Albans for
a number of years now. There does not appear to be any contact information
on the school web site other than the postal address. May need a "brute
force" approach to find (email) contacts through Ofsted reports and the

> SignWriting List
> November 3, 2006
> Jason Hopkins wrote:
> > In chapter 7 she talks about a system called 'Sign Graphics'
> > developed by Sara Head when she was a teacher at the Royal School
> > for the Deaf in Derby.  There is suppose to be an article in
> > Laserbeam summer 1992 about it.  I cannot find anything on the web
> > about it, but googleing 'Sign Graphics' is pretty pointless -
> > unless you need a new sign for your business. Does anyone know
> > anything about it?  Is it still in use?   It appears the system was
> > created to help Deaf students learn English, kind of a bridge
> > between BSL and English.
> Hello Jason and welcome to the SignWriting List!
> I have never heard of Sara Head's Sign Graphics system and would like
> to know about it myself...
> There are hundreds of notation systems in the world for writing
> movement and/or signs. As you know, I personally make a distinction
> between a notation system and a writing system...for me, a notation
> system is used to write down certain aspects of movement, but is not
> used to write a letter to a friend in a language...a notation system
> is used for recording movement for research or preservation or for
> detailed video transcription, but is not a daily writing system
> expressing feelings and coming from skilled users of the language
> wanting to convey their own thoughts about something.
> The way you describe Sara Head's system above, it sounds more like a
> specially-developed teaching method for teaching a language...rather
> than a daily writing system for writing the movements of BSL, that
> the children actually wrote themselves...but I hope we can find out
> more...
> UK members on our List...Do you know about this system in the UK?
> Val ;-)

Regards, Trevor

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